Flange™ Projects

“Managing the perforations.”™

Flange is an ecosystem of lightweight, loosely-coupled components, most of which are optional. The core component is Flange itself, providing dependency injection, but under the covers an even more fundamental project is Csar, providing a looking for separate-of-concerns settings. Other projects include logging, internationalization, and configuration. Together Flange components comprise an extremely lightweight, best-practices alternative to other more bloated frameworks.

Flange Dependency Injection (DI)

Flange DI presents a concise view of dependency injection, focusing on the best practices accumulated over the past two decades, and throwing out the cruft.

Flange lets you choose your own dependency injection container, including Spring, Guice, Picocontainer, or Flange's own tiny DI container, Csardin.

Flange Cloud™

Build a monolith. Deploy cloud native.

Flange Cloud transparently transforms and deploys a well-designed monolith application to a distributed, elastic, highly-scalable cloud-native application.